Thursday, May 04, 2006


This is the weblog of George W. Sarris, world renowned actor and storyteller. Mr. Sarris has a unique one man show called The World's Greatest Stories From The World's Greatest Book that he performs around the US. He also has CD's and a video available for purchase on his website!

George W. Sarris is a versatile communicator, working primarily in the commercial environment of New York City. He has been the principal spokesman for local, regional, and national radio and television commercials for clients such as Burger King, Duracell, Pizza Hut, Sprint, UPS and Honda. Industrial firms for which he has been a principal spokesman include AT&T, IBM, American Express, Dupont and BMW.

You can see more of his bio here!

Mr. Sarris believes in impacting the culture through the media. This blog will be musings on life, culture and media, as well as updates on The World's Greatest Stories and other projects!

We hope you enjoy, and come back often!

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