Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Audio Bible - Now A Daily Podcast!

I narrated the Bible in the King James Version many years ago. The intention was to bring a fresh, more understandable reading to the old language, and to provide a low cost audio Bible. It was picked up for a few years by Hosanna ministries, but then discarded in favor of a different, more well known narrator. So, the master tapes sat in my attic and then garage, and gathered dust, and some deteriorated quite a bit.

Well, a few years ago, after almost throwing them away, I got a call. Two brothers had a similar vision to my own, but updated for the new millennia. They wanted to provide the Bible online for free! And to do that, they had to use the King James Version, and had to find a narrator who was willing to allow them to use his voice.

So, after figuring out how best to work it out, my vision was reborn on Many of the master tapes were in bad shape, especially in the Old Testament. So, slowly, I have been re-recording each book. The New Testament was in fairly good shape, but the Old was not, and some was barely usable. But it is on the web, and it gets quite a bit of traffic each day.

That brings me to the latest development.

You can now receive a Proverbs in the form of a daily podcast! That's right! If you go to you can subscribe in different forms depending on what player and format you use, and you can subscribe using iTunes! You can also search for Proverbs in iTunes directly and it will come up!

So, check it out! After all, it's free!

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Nomad said...

If you search on iTunes, there are quite a few lines for "Proverbs". You want the one listed with artist as "proverbs" and Album as "Proverbs".

If you click thru on that one, it will specify "Ready by George Sarris."