Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Festival Is Over

Well, the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival concluded last night. I had a wonderful time, got to speak to many people who are trying to break in to the media industry. I also got a chance to hang out with an old friend from the New York area who was attending.

My performances were received enthusiastically, as was my workshop. On Friday I was called over to the Vision Forum headquarters to record the opening narration for the awards ceremony, and to record a few other tags and bumps. I was also the master of ceremonies at that ceremony.

It was a great, worthwhile time. I hope to post more of my thoughts on what was communicated there in the future.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Sarris, I am Jewish from NJ visiting San Antonio on vacation. I recognized the voice of Charlie Zahm as I walked along the River Walk. I was quite surprised and pleased, that is until I heard your story telling. Pretty anti-semetic and pretty sad. I respect your religion, but if you must blame the Jews for your problems, then perhaps it is you that has the problem. I see that you are a spokesman for many corporations, based on what I heard I don't think you have the right or American values to do this. I intend to convey these thoughts to these corporaions, pretty sad.

George W. Sarris said...

Dear Anonymous,

I was sad to hear that my performance at the River Walk in San Antonio was a cause of concern to you. The text for the story I was telling was taken directly, word for word, from the New Testament Gospel of John. John was Jewish. Jesus, the hero of the story, was Jewish. So were Mary Magdeline, Mary the mother of Jesus, Peter and the rest of the disciples. The people who were to blame in the story were the chief priests of the Jewish people and Pilate, who was a Roman. In the text, the author, John, uses the term "Jew" in a technical sense to refer to the Jewish chief priests who were jealous of Jesus and plotted to kill him.

Again, I am sorry for the sadness my storytelling caused you. I love the Jewish people and read their writings in the Tanaach almost everyday