Friday, June 08, 2007

On the road again...

Well, this past week I have been in beautiful Harvey Cedars, NJ (yes, there are pretty areas in New Jersey!) at a conference/retreat for home schooling families. I have been running a storytelling workshop for the teens. God has been blessing that effort. The program on Thursday night went well... now on to round 2 next week! I will be running the same program, but this time for the whole week instead of just the first half of the week.

In between (i.e. this weekend) I am at ANOTHER home school conference, this one in my home state of Connecticut. I am one of the featured speakers.

I will be sharing my "Impacting the Culture" talk, as well as several talks on homeschooling and 2 of my "Waiting on the LORD" talks.

The news on the new CD isn't terribly exciting. I am trying to schedule a time to go up and mix Gideon. I also am toying with several ideas for the other stories on the CD. Again, feel free to suggest anything you think would be interesting!

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