Monday, October 29, 2007

SAICFF and the Debut of 3 Stories!

I just returned from performing and speaking at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. While there I performed "The Sacrifice of Isaac", "Micaiah the Prophet" and "Gideon & His 300 Men" for the first time!

I performed "The Sacrifice of Isaac" at the closing ceremonies, and the response was tremendous! Several people commented on how powerful it was to them. It is a story that is often misunderstood as a test of Abraham's love of God over his son. But it isn't that at all, it is a test of Abraham's faith in God to do what he said, and when I brought that aspect out, I think people saw something in the goodness and power of God that they had never seen!

God blessed the time tremendously as a ministry opportunity. I hope to share some stories and thoughts from the festival later!

Oh, and "Defeating Giants" was officially on sale while I was there! We're still in the process of updating the website to offer the CD there, but they are for sale!


pixelplayground said...
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pixelplayground said...

Thank you so much for doing the voice over work for my project.

God Bless
Daniel Knudsen

The Powers Family said...

Mr. Sarris, Once again your performances and your fellowship played a large part in the enjoyment that our family found in the SAICFF. We truly appreciate your work.

The Powers Family