Wednesday, January 07, 2009

San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival '09

I really must start blogging more this year!

Welcome to 2009...

Today I leave for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. I've been a featured performer and speaker there since the first one!

Interestingly, I provided the voice over for one of the semi-finalist documentaries this year - Exposing a Trojan Horse.

This year, because the festival is in January, I will not be performing on the River Walk, and instead will be performing with Charlie Zahm in the main auditorium on Thursday and Friday evenings. I prefer this venue because it quieter and allows the audience to be more focused on the stories and songs (at the River Walk there are several restaurants nearby and the tour boats come through every few minutes, a very distracting thing!)

I'm going to be performing at least one story that I haven't performed in a very long time - Daniel in the Lions Den. I don't think I've performed it in 15 years!

I'm also going to perform one story that I have never performed before - Joshua & the Battle of Jericho! It's exciting, but relatively long, and for whatever reason I never got around to getting it ready, probably because I decided to perform The Book of Esther around that time, which is even longer and more involved.

And in a first for the SAICFF, I'm going to perform a non-Biblical story - The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. I performed that story with mime Dan Cossette at "Choices" and "Christmivest 07", but have never performed it alone.

I think it will be a great weekend!

I'm very pleased that Charlie will be there again, I've always enjoyed performing with him. We don't do any pieces together, but the blending of his songs and my stories seems to go very well. And he is an easygoing guy, which makes him a pleasure to perform with.

If you are going to be attending the festival, please be sure to find me and say hello!

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