Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Encouraging Word

I just received a very encouraging word from the senior pastor of a church that participated in a program on Good Friday where my daughter, Katherine, and I performed.

"I would like to express my thanks again to you for your ministry of God's word to us at the Good Friday Service at Elim Park. Your delivery of of the Creation Account and Fall from Genesis 1-3 and the Crucifixion Account from the book of John was an incredible blessing. It was so refreshing that the focus was not on you as the performer, messenger, but on the message of the Word of God. My entire family was riveted to the message through out the presentattion, and each of us, from the youngest, eight years old, to the oldest, myself, agreed that it was one of the best Good Friday Service we had ever attended.

We, as a family, were not accustomed to interpretive dance; however, your daughter's work at interpreting the music of the evening through dance was received with awe. Again it was tastfully and effectively done; and just like your presentation, your daughter's body movements and expressions helped to enhance the music and words of the songs.

I certainly, would highly recommend your ministry of the Word of God to others.

It is definitely encouraging to hear comments like that!

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