Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Encouraging Words

On Palm Sunday of this year, I had the privilege of performing at a large church in Alabama. I told the story of Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego in the Blazing Furnace at their two Sunday morning services. There were about 2500 people in attendance at each service. In the evening, I told the creation account in Genesis 1-4 to explain why we need a Savior, and then performed my Life of Christ stories. About 1200 people attended that service. It was a great time, with many positive comments from the people.

I recently received an email note from the church's Minister of Music and Worship:

“Absolutely riveting and spell-binding…, brimming with energy and passion…, the full gamut of emotional responses…, seeing and hearing the scriptures come to life!” are but a few of the things that are called to mind as I remember our evening with George Sarris here at Briarwood Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Birmingham, AL. George has a unique and fresh approach to his dramatic presentations of the unedited, word-for-word stories from the Bible. I can tell you that I will never read the opening passages of the book of Genesis the same after seeing George’s presentation of the creation text! His winsome and heartfelt delivery is so captivating for all ages and the impact is significant and lasting. Not only will your church be blessed, but his performance can be used for a highly effective and non-threatening tool for evangelism.”

I am grateful for encouraging words.

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