Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Waiting . . . It Ain't Easy!

One of the most difficult things we seem to be called upon to do in life is to “wait.”

We dread waiting in line for tickets. We don’t like to sit in waiting rooms when we visit the doctor. If we live in a large metropolitan area, we have an intense dislike for waiting for long periods of time in traffic. As Christians, we are often called on to wait on the LORD, and we generally don’t like that, either.

But, what does it mean to wait? How do we wait on the LORD? Where do we wait? What do we do while we are waiting?

Some time ago, I decided to look in a dictionary to find out what it really meant to wait. I knew that a major part of waiting was remaining stationary. But, I was surprised to learn that there is another component to waiting that actually helps answer some of those questions.

The dictionary I consulted defined “wait” as

"remaining stationary in readiness and expectation."

When we are truly waiting on the LORD, we are not just hanging around. We are poised for action. We are to be ready, and we are to be expectant that He will work significantly in, around and through our lives to accomplish His good purposes.

As we settle our hearts before God and remain stationary in readiness and expectation, we will often be amazed at how He uses the times of remaining stationary to set things in place that will ultimately prove to be crucial to the true success of whatever it is we are waiting on Him for.

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