Thursday, October 11, 2018

How Many Will There Be?

Who is more powerful, God or the devil?  

Will the devil ultimately succeed in foiling God’s plan?  

Asked another way . . .  

“How many will there be, ultimately, in the number of the damned?”

More than 3,500 people watched as Lucifer confronted St. John, the author of the book of Revelation, with that very question in a theatrical performance at the Magnificat Day of Thanksgiving Saturday, October 6, at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn, NY.    

The Seven Mysteries of Salvation was written by Pierre-Marie Dumont – a French layman and founding publisher of Magnificat, a prayer and devotional magazine reaching hundreds of thousands of Catholics worldwide every month. The Mysteries were performed by a troupe of New York actors, a world-class symphony orchestra and choir . . . and me.  I had the privilege of playing St. John.

The Seventh Mystery – The Ultimate Triumph of Love begins with Guiseppe Verdi’s Day of Wrath, and ends with the orchestra, chorus and audience singing Sing With All The Saints by Ludwig van Beethoven.

So, how many do you think there will be, ultimately, in the number of the damned?  

It’s a question that affects not only each of us, but our families, our friends and literally billions of people we don’t even know.

Watch the performance here – – to see how John answered Lucifer! 

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