Friday, January 05, 2007

To The Uttermost Parts Of The Earth...

God continues to do encouraging things in the New York media industry.

One of the men active in our ministry saw his job as Senior Vice President/Executive Producer at a major ad agency "eliminated" as part of a restructuring move. He had worked for the agency for 23 years, and produced numerous commercials for clients like Pepsi, Texaco, Delta Air Lines, and Cingular. The news came as a complete surprise, and he felt very discouraged.

God had given Gene some tremendous gifts as a producer of high-end commercials, along with a deep desire to use his abilities to serve God. I felt confident that this turn of events was providential, and suggested to him that the loss of his job actually freed him up to be available to do things much more significant than selling sugar water. That assessment proved to be true!

Gene recently finished several weeks work on a project he said is the largest advertising campaign he has ever worked on - and it directly relates to advancing God's kingdom to the "uttermost parts of the earth."

Gene had been asked to be a consultant on a series of commercials to be aired in Japan promoting a book that explains simply and clearly how people can enter a personal relationship with God. One million copies of the book have been printed in Japanese to be given away free to anyone who calls and asks for a copy. The ads are culturally sensitive, and no contributions will be solicited or accepted. Names will not be used for any other purpose than to send the book.

The spots will air in prime time throughout Japan, beginning on January 6. They will tie in with print ads and billboards, and will continue through the entire month.

Please pray that God will use these commercials powerfully in the lives of millions of Japanese people - to motivate them to think about their need for God, to encourage them to actually call in for the book, and to use the contents of the book to speak directly to their hearts in a way that brings them to a knowledge of Himself.

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