Monday, October 01, 2007

Defeating Giants!

Well, things are moving along FAST! The last story, The Sacrifice of Isaac is finished, I just recorded the intros (my son, Will, mixed those this afternoon) and the NIV master CD was just created! You can hear samples of the stories here.

I received some preliminary artwork from artist Greg Rudd, who has done all the illustrations on the covers, and we are getting ready to approve the final work there.

And we are getting the ISBN numbers, coordinating with the graphic designer to get the covers designed, and working on getting everything ready.

So I'm back off to work! We are hoping to have the CD's ready to sell by 2 weeks from now, and certainly at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival!

And don't miss the show "Defeating Giants" on November 9th, where I will perform some of these stories, and will be joined by internationally renowned mime Dan Cossette and interpretive dancer and choreographer Katherine Sarris!

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