Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SAICFF Feedback

It's always nice to get feedback about what you do. It doesn't matter if what you do is build cars, sell a product, write or perform, everyone likes to feel appreciated.

So, I was very encouraged when I got a nice letter from Doug Phillips regarding my performances at the SAICFF. Doug is the founder of the festival, and the head of Vision Forum which is the major sponsor.

For five years I have been blessed to be able to work with you at our film festival. Each year you get better. Each year I am more grateful for your many gifts.

Once again, you brought professional excellence, Christian character, and inspiration to our event. I loved "Joshua and the Battle of Jericho." Your narrations and voice-overs were crucial to the professionalism of our event...
...As always, I am reminded that I believe in you, your message, and the important work that God has called you to accomplish.

Thank you George.

It's nice to be appreciated for something you do!

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SirGed said...


I just found your blog (thanks to Facebook and some recent activity on your fanpage there). I haven't seen you perform very many times, but what I have seen has been an inspiration for some of the things we've done at our church in our drama ministry, which was active for a couple years when we had a great director at our church while he was at seminary. Seeing drama done well has been a huge encouragement to see it more incorporated in our worship. Thanks for what you've done, and keep up the good work!