Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where Are The Men?

Sadly, I cannot say that I was surprised or shocked at the latest example of male irresponsibility. I’m speaking, of course, of the revelation of David Letterman’s apparently long-term custom of sleeping around with his female staff members. He simply joins the already bulging list of entertainers, politicians, religious leaders and businessmen in positions of influence or authority who can’t seem to control their bodily urges – if it gets any worse, perhaps we should suggest that they all wear diapers!

What this latest disclosure did for me, however, was prompt me to ask the question, “Where are the men?”

Noah Webster defined a “man” as,

“. . . a male adult of some uncommon qualifications; particularly, the sense of strength, vigor, bravery, virile powers or magnanimity, as distinguished from the weakness, timidity or impotence of a boy, or from the narrowmindedness of low bred men.”

There are a lot of male individuals in our society today who call themselves "men," but who are, in reality, just "boys!" They haven't grown up enough to realize that, just because you can, doesn't mean you will!

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unclegeorge said...

It's very sad, but todays real 'men', the unsung heroes of families throughtout the nation are considered 'not newsworthy' by the American media. These hard-working, God-fearing individuals who provide for their families and plan for the futures of their children live lifestyles that are expected of men, and unless they step out of line, their biographies are never mentioned. Where is the "Good News' media? Where is there a newspaper, radio or TV station devoted to the good that people do? Sadly, no one wants to hear about that type of news, but would rather fester over the sins of men.