Friday, October 02, 2009

Why No Religion?

An article in the September 22 issue of USA Today reported on a very interesting group of people - those who claim to have "no religion."

According the the American Religious Identification Survey conducted by Trinity College in Hartford, CT, this group is made up of 15% of the general population, and 22% of all adults between the ages of 18-29. They are the only major US faith group that is majority male - 19% of American men identify themselves in this category, while only 12% of women consider themselves "Nones."

What was most interesting to me was the fact that the majority actually believe in God
- 27% of Nones believe there is "definitely a personal God"
- 24% say there is "a higher power but no personal God;"
- 35% consider themselves either hard or soft agnostics (there is no way to know, or I'm not sure)
- only 7% consider themselves atheists.

(For those of you who are accountants, the remaining 7% didn't answer the question.)

If you, or if you know of others who fit into this category, I would love to know the primary reasons for why you have decided to disengage from organized religion. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I've been part of that group -- a believer who has not been attending church regularly over the past few months. (Of course, I am many years beyond 29) I find excuses -- some "valid;" some not so much. I think part of my lack of motivation is that I have no real friend connection in the church that I belong to. I like the minister and his messages are strong, but the rest of the service is boring. I teach at a Catholic school and love the liturgies there so it's not the ritual that puts me off. It has to be "relationship" that I am missing -- and whose fault is that -- mine. All of this is not relevant to your post -- but thanks for the sounding board.

George W. Sarris said...

Thank you for that comment. I appreciate your willingness to share honestly.

Anonymous said...

I totally believe in spiritualism. I believe that we are all created in the image and likeness of God so to me that says that we are all a part of God and equal to him and Jesus. After all Jesus said "all that I have done you can do and greater than that" But organized religion is totally 'man-made' and that is where my problems arise, because man is corrupt. We do everything for personal gain. Look at the Vatican and the catholic religion. The world's biggest business! And that's what it is a "business". All organized religions are the same. We need to be spiritual and act like Jesus would act toward his fellow God creatures. I love Ghandi's quote: "I love your Christ ... but hate your Christians". I await your return comment.

George W. Sarris said...

Thanks for the feedback to my question. I don't have any particular comments in response. I am honestly trying to understand the reasons why people have chosen to abandon "religion." I have my own ideas for why, but I want to hear from those who actually fit into that group.

Anonymous said...

It is almost one year since I have dis-engaged myself from "organized-Church." I have never known such freedom. Freedom to worship/pray/fellowship/eat/love and serve how and when, as the lord leads. The church wanted to preserve itself at the expense of the individual. Save the institution at all costs, Save it's reputation, don't expose anything that could cause us to loose members and money. Let the individuals land wherever, we must move on and preserve in spite of them. Sexual sin is not adddressed in the church, it is put under the rug. If you loooked under that rug, it will be very crowded under there, it will be filled with enablers. People/leaders who enable people to carry on with their perversion at the expense of an individual. Why? maybe they need their money. I am open to talking in person. Beatrice Robertson

George W. Sarris said...

Beatrice, Thank you for your comments. Give me a call, sometime. Suzan and I would enjoy talking.