Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are Fathers Really Important?

Ever since the sixties and seventies the role of men has been downplayed in our culture - to the extent that many see fathers as a necessary evil in families.

Unfortunately, far too many men have contributed to this belief by abandoning their families to pursue self-centered agendas. I'm no longer amazed when I hear of politicians, sports figures, or celebrities who have left their wives and children in pursuit of "greener pastures." In reality, they're just being irresponsible!

But, is it true that fathers are expendable? Do they really provide an important dimension in a family or is their role finished once a child is conceived? Outside of their necessity in pro-creation, are fathers really important?

We face a lot of problems in our culture. But, I am convinced that the greatest problem is the lack of strong, responsible men. Those men provide stability in a family, proper discipline for children, and guidance. Without them, the culture disintegrates.

Some statistics certainly seem to indicate that I may be right.

* 70% of juveniles in long-term detention grew up in fatherless homes.
* 71% of high school dropouts come from homes without fathers.
* 85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes.
* 71% of teenage pregnancies are born to children who grew up in homes with no fathers.
* 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes.
* 36% of all children in America live in homes without their biological father.
* 40% of children who live in fatherless households have not seen their fathers in at least a year.

Are fathers really important? I think the answer is a definite YES!

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Anonymous said...

Recently heard another statistic: 60% of boys are not "grown up" by the age of 30. So who will be fathers for the next generation? It's a vicious cycle.