Tuesday, July 27, 2010

True Love or True Lust?

Whenever I see films where "true love" is demonstrated by the couple jumping in bed together, I cringe. That's partly because I have four daughters who I very dearly love, and I don't want them to be hurt by some irresponsible male whose focus is on something other than acting in their best interests.

I grew up in the sixties when "free love" was the mantra of the hip generation. It sounded great at the time - don't be like those married men and women of other generations who lived together in the same house but didn't really love each other. Rather, stay together as long as "love" lasts. Or, as the hit film of the day, Love Story, put it, "until love doth us part."

The real problem with that kind of love is that it focuses on a feeling that does not involve a commitment. That wouldn't be so bad, except for one thing: Love that is free from commitment still produces babies! And babies need parents who are committed to each other and to them. In a great many cases in the sixties and today, young girls are deceived into thinking a guy really loves them, only to see him abandon her and her child when she gets pregnant.

Most people don't realize that the feminist movement prior to the sixties was pro-life! That's because being able to conceive a baby is uniquely feminine. However, in order to protect themselves from irresponsible men, the women's movement in the sixties became pro-choice - with devastating results. Women abused. And, babies abandoned or aborted.

I often think about the "love children" of the rich and famous whose fathers try as diligently as possible to deny that they had anything to do with their births. How do you answer their soul stirring question: "Why doesn't my daddy love me?"

True lust doesn't care. True love does!

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Susanna said...

Mr. Sarris,
I met you as a young girl when you were at my parent's camp (the Edmunds): Maranatha Ministries in New Durham, NH. I wanted to tell you that now my own children are thoroughly enjoying Scripture made alive as you use your incredible gifts in recording the Bible. I just posted about it on my blog: http://dundores.blogspot.com/2010/08/reccomendation-worlds-greatest-stories.html
Thank you so much for blessing our family in this way. We appreciate it!!!